You have a tour, now what?

Social Media -

  • Facebook - Post links as a Status Update on Facebook every few weeks. Run a FB ad targeting returning clients
  • Twitter - Tweet a link directly to the tour and make sure to use the approriate hashtags
  • Instagram - We can help you create short clips to upload as teaser shots for your tour.

Homepage -

Depending upon how open you’d like to be, put the tour right on your home page. You can embed it directly into your homepage (see for a sample) or place a link above the fold. When paired with our advanced analytics, you’ll be able to tell who is visiting your page without them having to login!

Behind Your Login Screen -

We know that a lot of our clients like to keep access to their showrooms a little tighter than others. That is ok as well! You can put this behind your secured login screen so that only your reps and approved dealers have access to your virtual showroom!

Dedicated Site/Mini Site -

Build a mini-site just for the Spring High Point Market. Use it to showcase your new introductions as well as your social media feeds during the show. If you are encouraging your clients to take photos and share them on social media, feature them on this page as well. Since your tour can be completed in as quick as 24 hours, you can also make your virtual tour a large portion of the mini-site as well.

Email -

I’m sure you send out a follow up email to your clients thanking them for attending. Include a screenshot of your tour and link so that they can continue to shop your showroom after the show is over. You can also include the link in the signature of your emails, and have your sales reps do the same.

Screen Share for Presentations -

You do not even need to be in the same room as your clients or sales reps in order to walk them through your showroom. Using a service like, GoToMeeting, or TeamViewer, you can share your screen with others, even allowing them to take control of your computer to walk through the showroom themselves. and TeamViewer even have a free basic tier, and you can upgrade to receive more features.

Use In Your Showroom -

Why wait until the show is over to start using your cool new tool? If you have a lobby area that clients wait, put in a large touch panel device to allow them to start browsing the showroom while they wait for their sales rep. You could also put in a bank of tablets if you do not have the space for a large touch panel. If you showcase at other markets as well as High Point, place the devices in that lobby as well so that you can showcase what was shown in High Point, in your other showrooms!

Blog/Content Creation

We all know the old adage, “content is king”. Is your team begging you for more content to blog about? Are you having a hard time thinking of new ways to discuss your brand on social media? Why not allow all of your fans to step into your showroom?